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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After watching this video I was extremely saddened by the image of this 3yr old boy smoking this cigarette on camera. And, this for me wasn't the most disturbing part about the video, even though this was disturbing enough. But, to learn that his parents were seated immediately behind the 2yr old in the camera shot and that they allow him to smoke to calm him down during his tantrums is HORRIBLE!! I've posted this video on my Facebook profile and included a link on twitter (@PSTRNIMMONSTV), but this is a sad commentary for the times. And, to watch this 2yr old smoke the cigarette like a pro, suggests that he has been doing this for some time to have gotten it down that so well. What is also deplorable is there is absolutely no shame or embarrassment at all on the part of the parents having allowed not only their 2yr old to smoke, but to have videotaped and photographed it for the entire world to see. We obviously could not expect the child to be embarrassed by his behavior, after all he is still a child and he is only doing what he has seen done and he has been allowed to do. And, his presence in the video implicit suggests permission was granted by his parents to do so. So we choose to blame the ones which carry the most responsibilty in this instance, and that is the PARENTS!  This video should be grounds for their son to be taken away from them permanently and given to a family that knows how to properly raise a child, because obviously they are completely oblivious to this concept.

Where is our society headed when parents are not held accountable for this reprehensible behavior? This is the equivalent of evidence that should be submitted to a court of law demanding that their parental rights be taken away. But, its sad to say that we will see more and more of this, because it is the competitive nature of this Global media environment to post videos of like manner. And, i'm not attacking the Youtuber(s) for uploading this video as much as I am the parents of the 2yr old for making it in the first place. Yes, you could argue that the those responsible for recording the video did so to make the world aware of such a horrific injustice taking place in the life of this 2yr old by his own parents. And, by calling attention to this situation that hopefully this 2yr old will get the help he needs and he's parents will get the help they need (preferably in the 5' X 5' jail cell). But, if this video was posted to get a few laughs at the expense of this 2yr old and his horrible parents, shame on those who posted it, because you have just contributed to the video pollution that already fills the libaries of Youtube. We've seen pot smoking 4 & 5yr olds, cussing and fighting toddlers and babies on Youtube, and this is just another example of the sad direction our society is headed.

And, to the parents of this baby, you should be utterly and completely ASHAMED of yourselves for allowing this to go own in your home. To allow your baby to fill his 2yr old lungs with such filth and garbage. You have warped his little mind so young, and it is going to take alot of work, prayer and discipline to re-program his little mind. The word of God instructs us as parents, "To train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he shall not depart." This scripture speaks to the effect that training will have on the mindset of a child. King Solomon, when he penned this scripture; i'm sure, was thinking of the right way a child should be trained and that it will never depart from him / or her. However, this scripture also speaks to the wrong way as well. Behavior is learned and whatever behavior is learned good or bad will eventually become apart of who you are. Which makes the parents even more culpable, because they have become willful participants in the demise of their 2yr old son. Just 24 months after he is born, his own parents are facilitating over his own demise, by allowing him to adopted the most disgusting and debilitating habit; next to alcohol and drug abuse, known to man.  Parenting is a privilige not a right! You should only decide to be parents when you sincerely believe that you have something positively substantial to deposit into the lives of the next generation. These parents obviously have not done so, and have basically turned their own son into a circus act, a side show for the whole world to pitty, and to look down upon. And, for this reason, we strongly recommend for the sake of the welfare of this precious 2yr old that he be removed for this household and given to a family that will love him and train him properly on how to grow from a child to a productive adult.  For they have already placed their son at an enormous disadvantage, and our only hope and prayer is that this baby gets the help he so desperately needs before it is absolutely too late.

I'm interested in getting your thoughts and opinions on this video and what should be done to the parents. It is absolutely unconsciousable to allow your child to adopt such a deadly habit. Please let us know your thoughts, and your feelings. It has definitely saddened me, and my hope is that there are more of you that feel the same. Something has to be done!

Your thoughts

Pastor Nimmons


  1. Yes......this video is sad and i am so disturbed by it. I totally agree with you pastor nimmons.

  2. Yes it is sad. Extremely disturbing and something should be done.

  3. It's obvious that this baby is getting high off these cigarettes and as he get older (sad to say, if he lives that long) he will desire a stronger desire, which can easily lead to heavy drugs. His parents need psycological help! This baby is not buying cigaretts for himself, and adult is!

  4. I think that the parents should be locked up in jail like you said. And the child should be taken away from them because obviously they don't know how to raise him. His little poor lungs can't handle that smoke, it will cause breathing problems in the future if something is not done. I hope and pray that someone calls the authorites on them and get him away from those so-called parents. He desparately needs help to break that habit or he could die at a young age and I don't want that.

  5. Foolishness; The sad part is that he looks as if this is not his first time smoking. He is a professional. Further there are no disiplines in the house. Look at his weight at age 2. I can't say that is is unbelievable but is definately a sad sight. The other people in the video did not seemed distured by what was going on. That dusturbs me even more. Is this a culture in that area? Then is it a cigarette or a joint?

  6. Charollet CooleyJune 1, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    I think this is disgusting of the parents to teach a child this type of addiction. I would hope the child services would step in, but after reading the articel I believe the country these people reside in does not have such a system to protect children, this is very sad to see. It makes me wonder what else these parents or other parents in other countries like Mexico are teaching and allowing children to consume and become addicted to.

  7. Hey just to let you know Youtube took down the video that I originally had attached to our blog. But, we found another video on Youtube of the Smoking 2yr old to add to the blog. I thought people need to see this in order for this travesty to really resonant with them.


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