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Monday, February 22, 2010

Society Rules

I didn't watch Tiger Woods read his prepared statement to the selected media and close friends a few days ago. This pre-arranged press conference that prempted just about everything that was on tv for those 13 short minutes. A statement in which Tiger Woods apologized to his family, friends, sponsors and to his fans around the world. No, I didn't watch what many thought was a heartfelt an emotional apology from the world's hightest paid athelete. I didn't watch for a number of reasons, some of which inspired me to write this piece on this subject matter.

First of all, I was bothered by the idea that he felt the need to apologize to people outside of his wife and famiy for his immoral conduct. I was bothered by the fact that others either insinuated and some even demanded that Tiger apologized. For what, I'm not sure? According to the facts of the story, Tiger Woods had several extramarital affairs with women he met in bars, clubs, hotels, and even trailor parks over an indeterminant amount of time. I believe the infidelity itself warrants an apology to his wife of whom he was unfaithful and to his family. But beyond that I don't believe it was necessary to apologize to the media, his sponsors or even his fans. The media converged on this event as if it was the biggest story of the decade and the attention that thi story has recieved and will continue to recieve has been unprecedented. But, my point is Tiger is not a public official, and never offered himself as a perfect human being, beyond reproach or error, which warants this world-wide apology to all whom he supposedly let down. This perfect, clean cut image was imposed upon him by the media, sponsors and even his fans. And, so when the truth behind this false identity was revealed to the world, society is now demanding Tiger stand in the court of public opinion and apologize to the world he let down. How hypocritical!

Watch Tiger Woods apology

When did society earned the right to place judgement upon its immoral, and sinful members? Where did they get the right, the audacity to call one of its own to the carpet? And, if they indeed have the right, then why are more of the unfaithful, and incredilous celebrities and the like sitting in the same seat as Mr. Woods. For example, Angelina Jolie broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's high-profile marriage a few years ago, while her and Brad were shooting a movie called, "Mr & Mrs Smith." And, I can't remember society requiring Ms. Jolie hold a press conference and explain herself and her indiscretions with Mr. Pitt. In fact, the opposite has happened, their relationship has been celebrated and put on a pedestal. Not too mention the fact that they are not married, but have children of their own; adopted as well as biological. Here is a perfect case where society's hypocrisy is revealed.

Or better still, society approves of homosexual and lesbian relationships and is on an active campaign for the legalization of gay marriage in every state in this country. And, following society's logic, it's acceptable for immorality to exist, and even for it to exist within the bonds of holy matrimony. But, what is entirely intolerable is homosexual infidelity. I mean this is just an utter disgrace in the puritantical eyes of society. Or further still, where sexual relationships outsides of the bond of marriage are not only approved of by society, but encouraged. In Hollywood celebrities are "hooking" up everyday. And, this is no secret, no discretion is used; its tweeted about, posted on facebook, in magazines and television shows around the world. So, society approves of blatant immorality in some areas and dissapproves of it in others. And, in thc case of Tiger Woods he is a victim of poor judgement on his part and society's. Here's an athelete that has transcended his sport, and his sponsors will remain because they know upon his return to golf, with Tiger comes an larger aggregate of fans, and even larger media contingent as well.

The church is and will always be the moral authority for the world, and it is so because we get our marching orders directly from God-himself, and these instructions come by way of his word, we call the Holy Bible. And, it is from within its pages we find the instructions on how we should conduct ourselves, and how we should treat one another. But it is God and His Word that is constantly criticized, ostracized and ultimatey rejected for a set of rules that society has seemed to have made for themselves.

So, do you think he should have apologized? Do you think we personally deserved an apology from him, who is the judge of your life God or are you fine with society making all the rules?

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I thought I would write a brief note to make you aware of a very important resource that you should check out. VigilantCitzen.com is a blog that I ran across some time ago, when I was doing some research on the music industry, the corruption that exists within it, and the ties and connections to freemasonry and the Illuminati. The writer of this blog does a tremendous job of analyzing the symbolisms and signs in music, videos, movies, architecture, and popular culture in general.

Much of the information that we have gained regarding the subject of Freemasonry, Luciferianism, Satanism and the Occult we have learned by reading this blog and doing some background research of our own. We highly recommend this site, because he analyzes everything from music videos, movies to some of the constructs and institutions of our country and the world that we live in and it's connections to the occult and satanism.

Check out his latest blog, he analyzes the movie "Sherlock Holmes" and the many signs and occult symbols that interwined and woven within its storyline. And, it is not by coincidence but by design that these signs and symbols are there in plain sight visible for us to see. The incorporation of these signs and symbols in movies like these; The Transformers, National Treasure, Sherlock Holmes and others; he believes as I do that this is the occultisation of the mass media.

We have mentioned this blog in our bible studies and recommended that our students periodically check it out to see for themselves the evil that we teach about in our class sessions. We will also be adding this link to our site as well, so more people can become are of what's going on in our world. Satan is busy fulfilling his objective outlined in St. John 10:10, "...to steal, kill and destroy." And, it is a job that he is thoroughly committed to seeing through until the very end.

Well we want to be on our job as well, and letting people know in no uncertain terms that Jesus is Still the Answer, and to seek him while He may be found. We are on our job, and we pray and hope that you are on yours. Be Blessed!

Pastor Nimmons

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to congratulate the New Orlean Saints for winning Superbowl XLIV. They definitely were the better team not just last night, but all throughout the year. Drew Brees and company were the best team in the NFC and proved they were the best team in the league last night against a lackluster offensive performance by the over-hyped and out-matched Indianapolis Colts lead by Peyton Manning.

The problem I had with the match-up was that most people were crowning Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champs before the game was even played. And, no one was given the New Orleans Saints any credit for being the No.#1 seed in the NFC. And, then we discovered this morning what a poor sport Peyton Manning was. After the game he just walked off the field and didn't congratulate any of the New Orlean Saints players for winning the biggest game of the year.
I typically root for the under-dog in the Super Bowl, because many times the other team is so over hyped and publicized within the two-weeks leading up to game that any thought of them winning seems to make you violently ill. LOL! And, the same was the case for the Indianapolis Colts and their Super QB Peyton Manning. People were talking about him in the same breathe as Joe Montana, Tom Brady, John Elway, & Brett Favre can you believe it. But, they forget how he has a tendency to choke under pressure and he proved again in front of the probably the biggest viewing audience in Super Bowl History.
Inspite of all that, the New Orleans Saints are the new Superbowl Champs. We send our congratulations out to them. What a way to end not just a season, but a few years of seemingly insurmountable circumstances with Hurricane Katrina; so many lives loss and so many livihoods loss because of this natural diseaster. And, to now have a something to celebrate and to be proud for as a State is great for New Orleans and most importantly the people.
So, let the Saints enjoy their victory is was definitely a much deserved VICTORY!!! GO Saints!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If its true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with President Barack Obama has to be priceless. Because here we have African America's greatest black leader standing next to our 1st ever Black President. And, while we are aware of the impossiblities of such a photo opportunity of these two men from two very different generations, we are aware of the magnitude of the moment if such a opportunity were possible. Dr. King; arguably one of the greatest African Americans leaders to ever live, who mobilized communities, influenced legislation, change the fabric of American society, and sacrificed his life for the sake of the cause, standing next to the 1st African American President of the U.S.

I'm sure Pres. Obama would be the first to say that had it not been for determination, and bull-dog tenacity of Dr. King during the Civil Rights era of the 1960's, he would not be able to sit in the Oval Office of the White House when blacks were once relegated to seats in the back of the bus. Had it not been for Rosa Parks vehement refusal to give up her seat on a crowded bus, Pres. Obama would not be able to ride in the back of Presidential Limousine he has today. Had it not been for Dr. King's March on Washington in August of 1963, Pres Obama would not have been able to accept the Democratic Nomination in Denver, CO on the anniversary of that march in an front of the largest crowd in the history of presidential politics. If it were not for Dr. King's dedication and committment to the cause of Civil Rights and the peaceful acquisition of it, Pres. Obama would not have won the Nobel Peace Prize of which he and his predecessor both share.

Yes, Pres. Obama has been the first to say thank you to Dr. King for his contribution to the advancement of Civil Rights in this country. However, as I continue to look at this picture I can't help but wonder what these two men would say to each other if such an opportunity were possible. What would be the conversation be like, what topics would they discuss, what questions would be asked? The impossibilites of such an opportunity; to some, makes this machination a enterprise of futility. But to someone like me its an opportunity to explore the possibilities.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st YASC Bible Class

PTL Everybody,

I just wanted to update you on our bible class on last evening. God really used us in a mighty way to educate, and empower those in attendance regarding the tactics and strageties of our adversary the devil. I said in our earlier post, that I believe the devil has decieved many because they are ignorant of the devil's devices, they are not knowledgable of the power of their enemy. But we spent a great deal of time focusing on uncovering and revealing the hidden agenda of our adversary the devil, because if we are going to properly fight in this spiritual battle you got to know who your REAL enemy is. Paul said it correctly in Eph 6:12, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalites, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places." So, essentially your REAL enemy is not that person that you see everyday that pushes your button, it's not your boss or co-worker, its not an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, but your enemy is the "Devil." And, Jesus told his disciples in St. John 10:10, "the thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy, but I come that you might have life and have it more abundantly." The first part of that scripture, Jesus was describing the nature of our adversary the devil. And, in that description there nothing ambigous or unclear about the devil's objective. He's coming to steal, kill and destroy. He has a clear cut objective and mission that his is carrying out every single day. And, he is doing without regard for our feelings, our affliations, our beliefs, etc. And, there is nothing about this description that would lead me to believe that the devil is hesistant or apprehensive about carrying out his objective. But, quite to the contrary what I gather from Jesus description is that the devil is relentless; he won't stop, he won't quit until he accomplishes what he has set out to do. If he tried it this way and that didn't work, then he's going to come at another way and that doesn't work, he'll try another way. But, he doesn't quit. Interestingly enough, if there was a good quality that the devil had aside from his obvious intentions, it would be his relentless and determination. The devil is more determined and relentless about his objective and his mission than we are as Christians and we are holders and carriers of the truth of God's Word. The Satanists and Luciferians and other occultists are dilligent in their objectives, and they have infiltrated every facet of our society with messages of evil and wickedness. But, when are as children of God going to match their determination with our relentlessness as well. When will we adopt that, " I will stop at nothing" kind of attitude until the gospel message has been preached around the globe? When will we as Christians stand up and join with the Apostle Paul in his declaration in Romans 1:16; that I AM NOT ASHAMED of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ for it is the power unto salvation..."

And now that we know that about our adversary the devil, we should be that more adamant about our hatred and disdain for everything that he does and he stands for. It's o.k to hate the devil!!! Yes, it is O.K TO HATE THE DEVIL. David wrote in Psalms 139 "For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies." So whatever and whoever God hates, we are suppose to hate as His children. And, if the devil hates me, I certainly hate him. And I'm PROUD to say it. So, knowing our enemy should help us to relinquish those things that are not like God that we are holding on to. And, to recognize and distinguish more clearly the things that are from God and those that are of the devil.

We plan to continue this lesson next week, we have just scratched the surface. But, there is much more that we plan to cover in our subsequent lessons. We also plan to have the taped version of the bible study available very shortly on PSTRNIMMONSTV. Stay tuned for that as well.

Until next time we hope and pray that are blessed by the minstry here at http://www.michaelnimmons.com/.

God Bless

Pastor Nimmons

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Nimmons Ministries

We are excited about what God is doing for us and through us. We just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to our site and to let you know how much it means to us that you've taken the time to stop by and visit with us. We truly believe it was not by accident but by divine providence that you visited us, and we pray that you are blessed by the ministry of MichaelNimmons.com.

We solicit your prayers and support. Feel free to post comments on our blogs, subscribe to these blogs as we plan to post blogs regularly to give you an inside look at what's going on with PSTRNIMMONSTV and MichaelNimmons.com. We are thankful to God for this platform he has given us to spread the gospel, and that is what this site is thoroughly dedicated towards pursuing. We want the world to know that JESUS IS STILL THE ANSWER!

Come back and visit us often. Tell somebody about what's going at PSTRNIMMONSTV and MichaelNimmons.com and we pray God's Blessing Upon You this year 2010.

God Bless

Pastor Nimmons