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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I thought I would write a brief note to make you aware of a very important resource that you should check out. VigilantCitzen.com is a blog that I ran across some time ago, when I was doing some research on the music industry, the corruption that exists within it, and the ties and connections to freemasonry and the Illuminati. The writer of this blog does a tremendous job of analyzing the symbolisms and signs in music, videos, movies, architecture, and popular culture in general.

Much of the information that we have gained regarding the subject of Freemasonry, Luciferianism, Satanism and the Occult we have learned by reading this blog and doing some background research of our own. We highly recommend this site, because he analyzes everything from music videos, movies to some of the constructs and institutions of our country and the world that we live in and it's connections to the occult and satanism.

Check out his latest blog, he analyzes the movie "Sherlock Holmes" and the many signs and occult symbols that interwined and woven within its storyline. And, it is not by coincidence but by design that these signs and symbols are there in plain sight visible for us to see. The incorporation of these signs and symbols in movies like these; The Transformers, National Treasure, Sherlock Holmes and others; he believes as I do that this is the occultisation of the mass media.

We have mentioned this blog in our bible studies and recommended that our students periodically check it out to see for themselves the evil that we teach about in our class sessions. We will also be adding this link to our site as well, so more people can become are of what's going on in our world. Satan is busy fulfilling his objective outlined in St. John 10:10, "...to steal, kill and destroy." And, it is a job that he is thoroughly committed to seeing through until the very end.

Well we want to be on our job as well, and letting people know in no uncertain terms that Jesus is Still the Answer, and to seek him while He may be found. We are on our job, and we pray and hope that you are on yours. Be Blessed!

Pastor Nimmons

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