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Monday, February 22, 2010

Society Rules

I didn't watch Tiger Woods read his prepared statement to the selected media and close friends a few days ago. This pre-arranged press conference that prempted just about everything that was on tv for those 13 short minutes. A statement in which Tiger Woods apologized to his family, friends, sponsors and to his fans around the world. No, I didn't watch what many thought was a heartfelt an emotional apology from the world's hightest paid athelete. I didn't watch for a number of reasons, some of which inspired me to write this piece on this subject matter.

First of all, I was bothered by the idea that he felt the need to apologize to people outside of his wife and famiy for his immoral conduct. I was bothered by the fact that others either insinuated and some even demanded that Tiger apologized. For what, I'm not sure? According to the facts of the story, Tiger Woods had several extramarital affairs with women he met in bars, clubs, hotels, and even trailor parks over an indeterminant amount of time. I believe the infidelity itself warrants an apology to his wife of whom he was unfaithful and to his family. But beyond that I don't believe it was necessary to apologize to the media, his sponsors or even his fans. The media converged on this event as if it was the biggest story of the decade and the attention that thi story has recieved and will continue to recieve has been unprecedented. But, my point is Tiger is not a public official, and never offered himself as a perfect human being, beyond reproach or error, which warants this world-wide apology to all whom he supposedly let down. This perfect, clean cut image was imposed upon him by the media, sponsors and even his fans. And, so when the truth behind this false identity was revealed to the world, society is now demanding Tiger stand in the court of public opinion and apologize to the world he let down. How hypocritical!

Watch Tiger Woods apology

When did society earned the right to place judgement upon its immoral, and sinful members? Where did they get the right, the audacity to call one of its own to the carpet? And, if they indeed have the right, then why are more of the unfaithful, and incredilous celebrities and the like sitting in the same seat as Mr. Woods. For example, Angelina Jolie broke up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's high-profile marriage a few years ago, while her and Brad were shooting a movie called, "Mr & Mrs Smith." And, I can't remember society requiring Ms. Jolie hold a press conference and explain herself and her indiscretions with Mr. Pitt. In fact, the opposite has happened, their relationship has been celebrated and put on a pedestal. Not too mention the fact that they are not married, but have children of their own; adopted as well as biological. Here is a perfect case where society's hypocrisy is revealed.

Or better still, society approves of homosexual and lesbian relationships and is on an active campaign for the legalization of gay marriage in every state in this country. And, following society's logic, it's acceptable for immorality to exist, and even for it to exist within the bonds of holy matrimony. But, what is entirely intolerable is homosexual infidelity. I mean this is just an utter disgrace in the puritantical eyes of society. Or further still, where sexual relationships outsides of the bond of marriage are not only approved of by society, but encouraged. In Hollywood celebrities are "hooking" up everyday. And, this is no secret, no discretion is used; its tweeted about, posted on facebook, in magazines and television shows around the world. So, society approves of blatant immorality in some areas and dissapproves of it in others. And, in thc case of Tiger Woods he is a victim of poor judgement on his part and society's. Here's an athelete that has transcended his sport, and his sponsors will remain because they know upon his return to golf, with Tiger comes an larger aggregate of fans, and even larger media contingent as well.

The church is and will always be the moral authority for the world, and it is so because we get our marching orders directly from God-himself, and these instructions come by way of his word, we call the Holy Bible. And, it is from within its pages we find the instructions on how we should conduct ourselves, and how we should treat one another. But it is God and His Word that is constantly criticized, ostracized and ultimatey rejected for a set of rules that society has seemed to have made for themselves.

So, do you think he should have apologized? Do you think we personally deserved an apology from him, who is the judge of your life God or are you fine with society making all the rules?

Your thoughts?

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