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Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey Everybody,
Just wanted to congratulate the New Orlean Saints for winning Superbowl XLIV. They definitely were the better team not just last night, but all throughout the year. Drew Brees and company were the best team in the NFC and proved they were the best team in the league last night against a lackluster offensive performance by the over-hyped and out-matched Indianapolis Colts lead by Peyton Manning.

The problem I had with the match-up was that most people were crowning Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champs before the game was even played. And, no one was given the New Orleans Saints any credit for being the No.#1 seed in the NFC. And, then we discovered this morning what a poor sport Peyton Manning was. After the game he just walked off the field and didn't congratulate any of the New Orlean Saints players for winning the biggest game of the year.
I typically root for the under-dog in the Super Bowl, because many times the other team is so over hyped and publicized within the two-weeks leading up to game that any thought of them winning seems to make you violently ill. LOL! And, the same was the case for the Indianapolis Colts and their Super QB Peyton Manning. People were talking about him in the same breathe as Joe Montana, Tom Brady, John Elway, & Brett Favre can you believe it. But, they forget how he has a tendency to choke under pressure and he proved again in front of the probably the biggest viewing audience in Super Bowl History.
Inspite of all that, the New Orleans Saints are the new Superbowl Champs. We send our congratulations out to them. What a way to end not just a season, but a few years of seemingly insurmountable circumstances with Hurricane Katrina; so many lives loss and so many livihoods loss because of this natural diseaster. And, to now have a something to celebrate and to be proud for as a State is great for New Orleans and most importantly the people.
So, let the Saints enjoy their victory is was definitely a much deserved VICTORY!!! GO Saints!!!

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