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Monday, August 9, 2010

Congratulations Bishop!!

What a great way to return from a week hiatus of writing for our weekly blog the Pastor's Perspective, with some great news to share with our readers. We are very pleased and excited to announce that our pastor Bishop Charles H. Ellis III; pastor of Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, MI, is now the newly elected Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. We wanted to take this opportunity to send a special congratulatory message to our pastor Bishop Ellis, and at the same time bring you; our readers, up to speed on our pastor's elevation to the leadership of this historic pentecostal organization.

Our pastor Bishop Ellis; who was formerly the Asst Presiding Bishop of the P.A.W., was unanimously voted and elected by the general body of the P.A.W.inc. on Sat, Aug 7th 2010. On Thursday, Aug 12th he will be officially consecrated into this position and will become only the 10th Presiding Bishop in the 85yr history of this pentecostal organization. We are excited and privilege to be the first to announce this historic elevation at our Sunday Services on yesterday morning at Greater Grace Temple where are pastor received a chorus of cheers and a standing ovation for rising to this lofty position of leadership in the P.A.W. God has truly blessed him and we pray God's continual blessings upon him as he embarks upon this new chapter in his life.

To offer some context to this congratulatory message. Our pastor Bishop Charles Ellis is the son of Bishop David L. Ellis, who is a former Asst Presiding Bishop in this organization. Bishop David L. Ellis was a powerful and anointed vessel of God, and who's dedication and commitment to this ministry brought it to national prominence before God called him home in March of 1996. Much can be said about the tremendous legacy of this great leader, but unfortunately time would not permit us to chronicle his life in this one post. However, you can visit www.greatergrace.org for more info about this great man of God.

Here's a brief clip of Bishop Ellis singing one of his favorite songs.

Our pastor Bishop Charles Ellis became the pastor of Greater Grace Temple back in 1996 and he has been on a fast track ever since taking this church from one level to another. I have always been a great admirer of Bishop Ellis, because of his many talents and vision for the kingdom of God. He is a man of  business, enterprise and entrepreneurship. In February of 2002, 6yrs after his father past; Bishop Charles Ellis ushered in a new era for Greater Grace Temple when we entered a brand new state of the art edifice on the City of David property at our new location on 7mile & Shaiwasee. This new edifice seats 4000 in the main sanctuary and is complete with a banquet facility, conference center and administrative wing. In just a short time he has re-energized this new community where our church is housed with Back to School Festivals, Gospel Fest & Car Shows, Thanksgiving & Christmas Give-A-Ways just to name a few.

Bishop Charles Ellis is also a great preacher in his own right. Here's a clip of him ministering the gospel during a Sunday service at Greater Grace Temple.

I am truly thankful for my pastor, he is someone that I admire and hold in very high esteem.  It is an honor and privilege to serve him as one of his assistant pastors at the church I grew up.  I feel very honored and humbled to have both Bishop David L. Ellis & Bishop Charles Ellis as role models. Men of God, who I believe have help mold and shape me into the minister of the gospel I am today. I can remember when he and his wife First LadyCrissette attended my graduation at MSU back in Dec of 1998. I truly appreciated them both taking time out of their busy schedule to celebrate with us. He also officiated the marriage of my wife and I 6yrs ago; the first marriage he officiated after becoming the Asst Presiding Bishop back in 2004.

I am tremendously thankful and grateful for my pastor, and that I have a window seat to witness history unfolding right before my very eyes. I just wanted to take this opportunity to salute our pastor Bishop Charles H. Ellis III in his elevation and to offer our continued support of the ministry and the people of God at the church that I call home, Greater Grace Temple.

Congratulations Bishop!!

(Feel free to leave your congratulatory message to Bishop Ellis on our blog as we plan to post this on his facebook profile as well.)

Pastor Nimmons


  1. Congratulations Bishop - Please stay tuned to God's order and lead us, organize us and Unite us as never before!

  2. Congratulations Bishop on this awesome achievement God has blessed you with. We are so glad to call you our Bishop. We are so happy for you and always here for you if you need anything. We love you.

    Love the Wimberley family!

  3. I am proud to be apart of Greater Grace Temple Ministry with an awesome leader, teacher, and father in Christ. Bishop Ellis has been an awesome role model for myself and my sons. I pray as always for tremendous success for him and his lovely family, God is truly good! Congrats to you Bishop Ellis and First Lady Crisette, I love you guys much!!!
    Missionary Charollet Cooley


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