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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Best Seat in the House!

Today Pres Obama officially signed the landmark Health Care Reform Bill into law. Flanked by Senators, Congressman and other dignatories including Vice-President Biden, the most noticeable person in the group was a young black boy who was standing next to Pres. Obama watching as he signed this historic bill. What an amazing sight for this young man to see. Standing next to our nation's first African American President who just so happens to be the most powerful man in the world, and he's watching history unfold right before his little eyes.

Watching this young man stand next to Pres Obama, dressed in a black vest with a white shirt and matching turquoise tie was a tremendous sight to behold. You can't help but think about the historicity of the moment and not just the signing of this historic legislation. But, the civil rights leaders of yester-year that fought and died so that this moment could be realized. The slaves who worked on plantations amidst physical and mental oppression, the era of Jim Crow, Rosa Parks refusing to surrender her seat on a segregated bus along with countless other moments in black history that painted this tremendous picture for all the world to witness.

I felt blessed to witness such an occasion, and I wonder what your thoughts are as you watch this historic event unfold right before your very eyes. And, the price of that young man's front row seat in history was indeed priceless, but more importantly it was the best seat in the house!

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