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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let the "Games" Begin!!!

That's right! I love College Basketball. I am probably more of a lover of college sports than professional sports period. I think its because college sports has more passion; more of a drive for the game than the pros. College atheletes have more of an incentive to play, because of their desire to go to that next level and play professionally. Pro atheletes, once they've gotten that "Almighty Dollar" their incentive to play decreases in increments the longer they play professionally. Especially in the salary cap era and younger atheletes are playing professionally nowadays, the NFL and the NBA seems to get younger and younger every year. And, the older atheletes are being pushed out sooner and sooner. But that's a blog for another day and another time. (smile)

But, yes I'm a lover of college basketball and I make no apologies for my love the game. I am a Spartan Fan through and through. And, each year I fill out a bracket that has them winning it all, even though it has been almost a decade since Izzo's won his first NCAA Championship. I usually fill out several brackets with different scenarios, with State being one of the victors in my championship spectrum. But, this year I went a little differently and only filled out one bracket and I didn't pick MSU to win it all. Even though, Izzo has been called "Mr. March" because somehow he is a master at taking what appears to be a mediocre Spartan team and send them all the way to the Nat'l Championship game, circa 2009. So, while you can't count them out completely, the team this year is marred with internal bickering and lackluster offense and plague with too many turnovers per game. I just decided to play them to the Sweet 16 where they meet Kansas, and Kansas exacts revenge against them for knocking them out of the tournament last year.

The NCAA Tournament field this year is wide open and anybody can do well in the tourney this year. The State of Michigan is fielding 2 teams this year with Oakland Univ and the MSU Spartan repping the "Rust Belt" State. You have a newcomer in Cornell, who has been in the tournament for a long time, and of course you have your old reliables Duke, Kansas, Louisville, GeorgeTown, Ohio State, and Kentucky just to name a few. You've got your favorite players to watch; Evin Turner from Ohio State and possible NCAA Player of the Year, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky; 2010 NBA Draft hopefuls. Some teams to watch, Gonzaga, Villanova, Pittsburg, Temple and Kansas State.

The Madness of March is here and yes I have been bitten by the bug. LOL! That's why I took a minute or two to write a blog on my personal ministry website about my affection for the game of College Basketball. Check out my brackets. As you can see I have Kentucky winning it all for obvious reason, four potential pros, a high powered offense that can run of the score at any given time, and a experience coach in John Calipari. But, as with the "Madness" of March, we'll see. I will be updating my bracket on my blog so you can see how I'm doing each weekend. So check back often. I would also like to know what teams your picking, if you agree or disagree with my picks, and who you have taken home the coveted Nat'l Championship Trophy? Leave us your thoughts and opinions and by the way don't forget to subsribe to our blog when you get a chance!

Let the "Madness" Begin!

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