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Monday, October 4, 2010

MSU v U of M Rivalry Week

As with some of my earlier blogs, I like to use this opportunity to reveal more of myself to my readers. And, for those who do not know us personally there are a few things I want to uncover in this week's blog. First, I am a avid SPORTS fan. My ideal Saturday is spending the entire day stretched out on my couch watching footbal ALL Day. LOL! Football would have to be my favorite sport; College Football to be more specific, but I love basketball and I watch baseball periodically, tennis and NASCAR & Indy races respectively. Would I say, i'm an Every sport man, No. But, I find myself channel surfing through some ESPN's mirad of channels and periodically stopping to see what's going on.

My 2nd admission is this, I AM A MSU SPARTAN FAN & ALUMNI! I bleed GREEN & WHITE! I love my former almamater Michigan State University, and feel very blessed to have graduated from such a great institituion. That being said, one of the most exciting weeks for me during the college football season is Michigan v Michigan State Rivalry Week.  Regardless of where both of these teams are in the games leading up to this week, it never fails to be a exciting games for both of the premiere schools in the State of Michigan. I love engaging Wolverine fans in debates about who's going to win this rivalry game. It's all done in fun, but the bragging rights that follow this game are one of the great trophies that come with a win each year.

Here is  a brief history of the MSU v. U of M Rivalry Game

This year's game is coming up this Saturday, kick-off is 3:30 at U of M in the Big House, and all eyes will be on this venue as "Who's The State of Michigan's Best College Football Team" will be decided this weekend. Alot is riding on this game. This is the first time in a very long that both teams are going into this game undefeated with a record of 5-0 and both teams are ranked; MSU (17)  and U of M (18). So, the implications that follow a win would be tremendously rewarding.  Alot is at stake and so much is on the line this week. In addition to the infamous Paul Bunyan Govenor of Michigan Trophy being at stake for this week's winner,  whoever wins this game automatically becomes bowl eligible and continues their quest for a Big Ten Championship opportunity. Whoever wins this game carries with them the bragging rights for the rest of year as the Best Team in the State of Michigan. In addition, there are a few special interests that help build the momentum for this game for either team. The first is if Micihgan State University wins this game this weekend in Ann Arbor, this will be the 3rd straight Spartan win under 3rd yr U of M Coach Rich Rodriguez. And, if U of M wins, this would be the 1st signature win for this embattled coach, as well as a tremendous boost to the credibilty of QB Denard Robinson.  So, as you can see alot is as stake this weekend.

You can also see that i'm an excited MSU Spartan fan as I have taken time out to write about my passion for college sports as well as my love for Spartan-Nation. I'm interested in getting your thoughts on this rivalvry. Where do you stand, which team will you be rooting for this weekend? If neither of these teams are your favorites, tell us who are your favorite sports teams from any sport. Let us know what are your thoughts on this subject. Do you love college football as much as I do? This is definitely a weakness of mine. What do you think of my admission? I can't wait to see what kind of responses we are going to get. Don't forget your comments can be posted directly to your Facebook Profiles, so you can start a discussion about the MSU v. U of M Rivalry by simply leaving a comment in a our blog section.   In addition to you getting to know us as we write, our blog is designed for us to get to know more about our readers as well.  So, LET'S GET IT STARTED!!

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