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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Woman's Worth

Niki Minja's alter ego "Barbie"
I'm writing this post after much frustration and confusion over the present day images of womanhood that are being projected and portrayed to this generation of young people. Frustration and confusion about the over-"sexual-ization" and over-saturation of this "sexual-ization" in the marketplace and the effects it is having on the minds of today's youth. If we were to start at the most obvious and move to the more sinister, I believe you will see a direct correlation between how women are being portrayed and how they are treated in music, movies, media and even in everyday life.

Beginning with the obvious, which is the over-sexual-ization of  today's female celebrities. We as consumers are constantly inundated with every aspect of the the female physique in commercials, videos, movies, and the like as a method of advertisement. Many times the products and goods are being sold solely based upon the sex-iness of the spokes model advertising the product. Everything from music to malt liquor, from cars to Couvisseur, woman are consistently used as tools to sell other goods and it seems that this practice is increasing in this day and time.  And, unfortunately the message that is consistently being sent to the youth of today is that "Sex Sales," and this is a misnomer that I believe is a driving force behind the rising criminal behavior in our young men. "If all women have to offer is their bodies, then if I can take that then I've taken everything that they have to offer." And, I know some would say this is weird coming from a man, you should be happy to see the female body on display everywhere you go? As a man, you should welcome this new form of advertisement. Not so! Why, because I believe this marketing practice is undervaluing  and undermining today's women by objectifying and sexual-izing them. And, this certainly is not what God had originally intended for the woman to be marketed and packaged for, objects to be lusted after and fought over. 

Mariah Carey & Niki Minaj
Women today are seen as sex objects rather than the "help mates" and nurturers they were created to be. And, what is frustrating to me is there should be more outrage and outcry from the female community regarding their objectification by society. More women should be speaking out and against this sexual-ization, because it sends the wrong message to their children, daughters, nieces, siblings and the like that all you need is an nice set of assets and the world is your oyster. Its disturbing to hear and see women flaunt their sexuality and attempt to quantify it in terms of how much money they can earn and have earned in strip clubs, videos and even on the street simply because of how sexy they claim they are.  What kind of world are we leaving for babies my daughter's age and older? What kind of message are we sending them as they get older? What kind of message are we sending when breast augmentation has become as common as a visit to the dentist office? A woman's worth and value far exceed their physicality as well as their sexuality. It's unfortunate, when you peruse the profiles of both Facebook & Twitter and find that the women with the greatest number of followers are usually those who's profiles show off more than their beautiful smile.  What that says is that her popularity has been validated by her sexuality rather than her personality. And, she knows the more attractive she is the more influential she will be in society, which is extremely problematic.

Sarah Palin
Conversely, I continue to be baffled by the product the media continues to promote as a symbol of female intellect in former governor and possible presidential candidate for 2012 Sarah Palin. Intellectually she is an embarrassment, and the fact the Republicans tried to market her as a comparable vice-presidential candidate in then Sen. Joe Biden and formidable competitor to now President Barack Obama is laughable. I continue to refer to her joke of interview with Katie Couric; she looked ill-prepared and highly uninformed, especially when the summation of her foreign affairs experience was "being able to see Russia from her house," was an insult to the American public as this being someone who could potentially serve this nation as 2nd in command. 

But, as bad as this objectification and sexual-ization may be, this is only one small part of the problem and it is one that goes far deeper than what is seen on the surface. What we discovered through various outlets of research concerning the occult, freemasonry and the Illuminati, is a concept called "Mind Control." Which, according to the "VigilantCitizen.com" is a common practice in the music industry, and in Hollywood. According to Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse (source used by the VigilantCitizen.com) she states regarding mind control or "Monarch Programming," that it is...

          “Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant

This disassociation that is produced as a result of this systematic trauma based torture is a separation from reality, creating an alter ego that the subject can now relate to and find comfort in being. It is not coincidental that we've seen the advent of these "alter-egos" in today's music industry; Beyonce- Sasha Fierce, Niki Minaj - Barbie, etc. This disassociated state is actually an escape from reality, where they are under the complete auspices of this alter ego, and thereby their original handler as well. It's important to note, the "handler" in all of this because each of these subjects has a "handler" who is ultimately responsible for their persona. And, their alter-ego is only acting in accordance to the instructions that have been administered via mind control by their handler. This handler, which is often times never seen and never heard from, you can see the examples of the handiwork as well as their rationale reflected in their chosen subjects.
Cover of Niki Minaj latest album
Niki Minaj
Beyonce & Sasha Fierce

 Lady Gaga
Looking at this assortment of images gives us some insight into the perceptions of the handlers of these subjects of mind control & Monarch Programming. What is true in all of these photos is that women are obviously viewed as nothing more than sex objects with nothing more to offer than what they have on the outside. The doll-like references are probably the most insulting inasmuch as they imply that women are "mind-less" robots that must be directed in order to be consider useful. Nicki Minaj pictured with no arms in the first picture, and blind-folded in the next photograph makes my point very clearly. Doll-like references, butter fly images, as well as animal; cheetah or leopard print clothing, are some of the exterior clues of "Monarch Programming," according to the VigilantCitizen.com. When you see artists and celebrities pictured this way; making devil hand signs gestures, or covering the left eye is the subject's indirect way of signaling to their handler submission to their control. And, what is most troubling about all of this is that these are projected images are being relayed to the vulnerable, & impressionable minds of today's youth. And, these celebrities pictured here along with many of their counterparts are women they emulate and want to be like. So, if this is true you can see the damage that is being done to our youth before they even have a chance to know what the world is all about. Very disturbing.

Looking at  God's original intention for mankind our value far exceeded anything we might have possessed on the surface. Everything in the word of God speaks to our infinite value to God; who is our Father and our Creator. And, this is a running theme throughout the entire Word of God. In fact, King Solomon when speaking of the  inevitable courtship between a man and a woman in Proverbs 31:10, he ask the question, "Who can find a virtuous woman?" This scripture first indicates the appropriate characterization of a woman according to the Word of God, which is a "virtuous woman," not a video vixen, a barbie doll, or even a sex object. This characterization explicitly suggests that this kind of woman has a wealth of value to offer her aspiring mate. So much so, that King Solomon interjects the word "find" in this verse, which means that this type of woman must be sought after. You can just find this type of woman anywhere. She can't be found on the "Jersey Shore" MTV Reality Show, or on the latest cycle of BET music videos. This scripture also speaks to the character of the seeker as well. Because in order to find someone virtuous, you would have to know it when you see it. So, the man; who's seeking a virtuous woman, in knowing what virtue looks like must also be able to identify with it as well. He must possess the same qualities he-himself is looking for in a mate. However, the caveat in all of this is both the "seeker" and the "sought after" are flawed, because of sin. So, virtue may or may not be identifiable by the "seeker" or completely possessed by the "sought after". This is why God has be enlisted in this search, because only He is able to rightfully match the right man for the right woman. "Who can find...only God can find a virtuous woman, so we-men should consult God when we're ready to look for Ms. Right

So, my question to my females readers is simple, which kind of woman would you like to be? One that is objectified and sexual-ized by society; manipulated and man-handled for profit. Or would you rather be one that is adored and sought after by the right suitor; the one that God has rightfully suited especially for you. It's interesting that the artist; who's song I chose to title this blog, obviously didn't even know her own worth, because she looked for her value from someone who was already taken. Consequently, this says more about her personal insecurities than his martial infidelity.

Ladies, how valuable are you?

Pastor Nimmons

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