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Friday, June 24, 2011


Skater Johnny Weir & the Lucifer Salute
Why are we starting to see more of what is quickly becoming known as "The Lucifer Salute." What is really going on? Why does it seem like when you watch a music video, or read a magazine where this occult sign is being made, it always appears like there's more going on than what you actually see? I've always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if this true; what is the photographer trying to show us, what is the artist attempting to say, what are the producers, editors, publisher's and directors trying to tell us? What's really going?

For those who don't know "The Lucifer Salute" is when someone covers their left or right eye, and only one eye is exposed. The one eye exposed is an occult symbol for the "All Seeing Eye." Here are a few examples of this;

Willow Smith
Some say the "Lucifer Salute" represents a shadowy, mythical organization that is secretly running the country from behind the scenes called the "Illuminati."  There are obviously a lot of answers, and even more questions as to "why" we're seeing this occult symbol so often, but the problem is because there are so many answers; what is fact and what is fiction? 

Pictured at the very top of this blog is Olympic Skater Johnny Weir doing the "Lucifer Salute." What is also interesting about this picture is that in addition to him covering his left eye, there is also what appears to be a lightening bolt over his right eye. This is believed to be another occult symbol, which symbolizes the "lightening" that Lucifer was beheld after being kicked out of heaven. (Isaiah 14:12 / Luke 10:18) Some say it also references the "S" being the first letter of Satan's name.

Above our images of the "Lightening Bolt" and artist "Lady Gaga" sporting the occult symbol very prominently over her left eye.  These disturbing images are becoming more and more the norm as we watch our televisions, go to the movies and read the magazines and newspaper publications of our world. But, why? What is really going on here?

Here's a Revlon Commercial that has been airing since the beginning of this year featuring actress Jessica Alba, and she's doing the Lucifer Salute.  During this 14 second commercial Jessica Alba did the Lucifer Salute a grand total of nine (9) times.  In a commercial which is supposed to be advertising makeup and nail polish, there seems to be something else going on here. However, I'm sure if you were to ask the people at Revlon what was the purpose of Jessica Alba's hand gestures, they would say she was just showing off our nail polish to prospective consumers. My question is, do you believe that?What's really going on?

Here you see a few pictures from the commercial showing Ms. Alba covering her right and left eye in salute of Satan.

Actress Jessica Alba & the Lucifer Salute
The Lucifer Salute
Egyptian Pyramid

Baphomet Image

What is even more interesting about this commercial is what was also included, but you couldn't really see it unless you happened to watch it in slow motion. At the .07 / .08 mark of the commercial you see two women standing along side an Egyptian Pyramid and then you see what appears to be an image of the two-horned goat "Baphomet." Why was this included in a nail polish commercial, and why does it seem like it was snuck in there? What's really going? Is the fashion industry trying to tell us something without actually saying it? Is there a larger message being conveyed here? My answer to these questions is a resounding "YES!"

 Watch the Revlon Commercial right here

It is not by coincidence or by happenstance that we are starting to see more and more of these occult symbols sprinkled into popular culture. After all, Satan is the "prince of this world" and this is a way for his servants to pay homage to him over the airwaves of the mass media.  What is interesting to me is the boldness and veracity with which his minions are desiring to give him praise. The instances where these occult signs are used seem so random and abstract, and yet I believe this is done by design as well. While the appearances of these occult signs and symbols may seem random, that is what the handlers of this sinister evil desires for us to believe, when the exact opposite is actually the truth. These occult signs and symbols are not only being integrated into the mass media on purpose, but even the artists that are seen making these gestures are being used on purpose as well. Some even believe that not only are the artist covering their right or left eye in salute of Satan, but they have been brainwashed or a part of some mind control conspiracy that when prompted by their "handlers" they involuntary make these obscene occult gestures. Take a look at the video below and watch what Lady Gaga does in an interview when the interviewer say the word "Lord."

 Watch What Lady Gaga Did during an Interview here

Did you see what she did there, is was almost as if she was programmed to do it. It look so natural and yet so un-natural all at the same time. I know it left the audience as well as the interview scratching their heads wondering what they had just seen. But, as we have said in earlier post dealing with this subject matter ("Signs of the Times", "I Like Cartoons, But..." & "Is This What Passes For Music Nowadays"), we are living in the last of the last days. We-Christians, are very close to the rapture taking place (not as close as Harold Camping may have thought), but close nonetheless. That being said, the closer we get to Jesus Christ return, the more of the occult signs and symbols we are going to see, which should serve as a constant reminder of how close we are to the rapture. We shouldn't get too caught up in the rationale behind these occult signs that we loose sight of own personal salvation. But, we have definitely been warned by Jesus Christ, "...to watch as well as pray." And, there should be a good balance of both going on for us as children of God. Watching as well as praying, we can't get too preoccupied with one that we miss out on the other. Watching more than praying or vice-versa. Because, there are two things I am more certain of today than I've ever been before, this world is deceitfully wicked, and Jesus Christ IS COMING BACK. And, the two go hand-in-hand!

My question to you is are you watching with both eyes or just one? 

Your thoughts?

Pastor Michael S. Nimmons

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